Sinking boat
Rough Seas - The sculpture of a sinking boat which sits in London's Thames river in front of the city's business center, seemed an apt metaphor for state of the global economic and social crisis.

This sculpture reminds us of the movie "Titanic". 


"Titanic" was a movie made in German "Reich" in 1943, predicting its near collapse. The movie blames the British avarice (greed) for sinking of the ship (a German officer is a hero). 

Titanic poster
"Titanic" was a movie made in 1997 in the USA, also foreboding a doom.

Other movies that predict doom and end of the USA: 1) "2012" - showing a black American president and sleazy Russian oligarch, among other "historical" characters. Produced in 2009.

2) "The Tree of Life" - won "Palm d'Or" at the 2011 Cannes festival. The global crisis in transitional states (former USSR, China, etc.) takes a different perspective. It's not "the end of the world", but rather (and what is more progressive) a critique of religion, social, political and sexual
Forbidden art
mores. An example of religious and social critique is an exhibition of "The Forbidden Art".

Look at how similar and how different are the two graffiti from Kiev and New York. The first, from Kiev, expresses the feeling that the global civilization is "dancing" on a cannon ball to which a fire is set. Explosion is just a matter of time. The second, from New York, expresses the feeling that the whole of our civlization has "hit the ceiling", i.e. cannot develop, cannot "dance" within the existing confines. We must first break the walls and the ceiling, to be able to breath freely.

IMG 20170131 153829

Kiev, January 2017

IMG 20161228 180214

New York, December 2016

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