(Listen to song "The Rose ")

The song says that we are a “seed”, and love is “the flower”, or “the rose” which develops from this seed.

Love is a very tender feeling that is afraid of any rough handling. It doesn’t know how to protect itself. Hegel dwells on this: “Beauty, powerless and helpless, hates understanding which demands from it what it cannot perform”.

Love is a kind of dreamy state of mind that never takes the chance to awake. Love will not be conquered by any means, such as expensive restaurants and cars; not it will not give itself voluntarily.

It is the soul afraid of death, but the soul which is impractical and hence doesn’t know how to live.

Love is not presented to “the lucky”, “the strong”, “the wealthy”, etc. Love is within every person, within you and me, love is a kind of seed within each of us, which, when conditions turn to “spring”, blooms into a beautiful flower.  

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