1. General information on China, from Wikipedia
  2. The Fall of the Qing China
  3. The Boxer rebellion
  4. "China in revolution"
  5. May 4th Movement
  6. Chinese Communist Party
  7. "Start of Communism in China"
  8. "The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution by Harold Isaacs" , 1938
  9. "The Tragedy of the 1925-27 Chinese Revolution", by John Chan
  10. "Tragedy of Chinese Revolution by Ah Xiang"
  11. Cultural revolution, from Wikipedia
  12. Cultural revolution in Hong Kong and Macau , photos from 1966
  13. Roger Waters' "Watching TV" song , 1992
  14. History of People's Republic of China. 2002-Present. From Wikipedia
  15. "China from the Insdie. PBS Documentary" , 2011
  16. Social Issues in the People's Republic of China. Wikipedia
  17. Three represents
  18. Scientific Development Concept
  19. Harmonious society, from Wikipedia
  20. Guanxi
  21. Socialist market economy in China, from Wikipedia
  22. Chinese new left
  23. The Coming China wars
  24. One-child policy
  25. One country, two systems
  26. Hong Kong
  27. Antagonism between China and Hong Kong
  28. Macau
  29. The confusing relationship between China, Hong Kong and Macau (video)
  30. An Attempt to Extend the Marxist Theory of State : a comparison of Germany and China, 2016
  31. News: China

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