"A study of development" (Lenin).

1831 Schlesinger Philosoph Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel anagoria


Main author here is G.W.F. HegelThere are numerous studies devoted to the study of Hegel's logic.

Main authors who wrote on dialectics, after Hegel, are:

The main problem I see with continuing study of Hegel's logic is that the scientific methodology, science itself, has advanced far behind the level it was in Hegel's days, early XIX century. And we're still studying that methodology, as interpreted by Hegel. It's a form of dogmatism exhibited by Marxists.

One site critical of dialectics, from a regressive point of view, is here.

However, dialectics should not be thrown out, but must be developed by studying the modern methods of knowledge. in XXI century. Systems theory is working in that direction. 

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