August 14 - U.S. says that North Korea got its rocket engines from Ukraine.

April 14 -U.S. says it will strike North Korea , if the country plans to go ahead with its nuclear test! This is a new note in U.S. foreign policy: striking a country on a suspicion of testing a weapon... It will inevitably lead to World War. 

April 13 - American foreign policy is characterized as"primitive" and "boorish" (примитив и хамство) by Russian Foreign Service. In general, this is characterization of the U.S. society in general. Primitive and boorish, snobbish and racist, materialist and dumb. 

Medvedev warns that the U.S. is on a brink of an open war with Russia

U.S. navy group moves towards North Korea, another threat of a nuclear war

Protests against U.S. air strikes in Chile, Argentina

April - U.S. strikes Assad air base in Syria , moves closer towards confrontation with Russia March - Russian criminal boss Semen Mohilevich seems to have bribed the Minister of Internal Affairs of Hungary.

March - Russia seems to be drawn into the civil war in Lybia , transfers its special forces to a base in Egypt on border with Lybia.North Korea and China are opposed to the U.S. military build up in South China seas. 

Feb. - Trump to increase U.S. military spending by 9%, i.e. by 54 billion dollars.

Feb. 2017 - Russian jets fly close to a U.S. destroyer in the Black Sea. Russia deploys new cruise missile , over American protests. That is the right way to behave in modern political climate: to arm. 

China reached near parity with NATO military

Jan., - Feb. 2017, Phillipines - government is fighting communist insurgents , under the guise of "war on drugs".  Government of Phillipines is lifting its ceasefire on fighting with communists.

U.S. is planning for war with China within next 5-10 years. This is clearly a course toward WWIII , only through the Chinese door. So the Republicans and Democrats just differ on how to start the WWIII... China prepares for war , by building up more weapons, conducting military exercises.

The U.S. may choose, first, toattack Iran , for example with cruise missiles, like they did with Iraq in 2003. This is great, for then the U.S. is picking up fight against: 1) China, 2) Iran, 3) Russia, 4) ISIL. They may have heard of Germany in WWI and WWII starting fights on opposite fronts, e.g. against Russia and against Britain. But reason is the first thing that leaves those, who are doomed by history...

The global powers are clearly preparing for a nuclear and conventional war between the U.S. and NATO, on the one hand, and Russia and China, on the other. 1) U.S. reviews outcome of its first nuclear strike against Russia and China. 2) Donald Trump accusses American conservatives of pushing for WWIII. 3) Swedish government has ordered its municipalities to prepare for war. 3) American, German and Dutch armoured divisions arrive in Poland

In Egypt - no change since the "Arab spring" 6 years ago. Once again, it is a dictatorship of the army, with no democracy, and hence increasing sympathy for the counter-revolutionary "Muslim Brotherhood". April 6 movement - even though sponsored by the U.S. - got repressed , with its leadership put in jail, and others dispersed.


At the bottom of the Indian Ocean there was a microcontinent

August 2, 2017 - an exoplanet is shown to have a stratosphere.


A double pendulum illustrating chaos theory

10 amazing Lego machines

3D printed graphene PLA to make a rechargable battery

3D printing a house with a circular 3D printer

Carbon fiber 3D printing.

3D printing blood vessels . Next will be more complex organs, such as liver.

Robot "Handle" from Boston Dynamics

Feb. 2017 - a 3D printed bridge , 40 ft long, Spain.

Robot serving coffee in San Francisco

Jan. 2017 - 3D printing a model of a yacht, cut into 4 parts to make it bigger

Sexual revolution:

Women dare to come into open with one open breast.

Body art performance in Belgrade , fall 2016. This openess is revolutionary!


Banksy opens up a hotel . He's become a commercial artist.


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