British Museum Olduvai handaxe

Handaxe, Lower Palaeolithic, about 1.2 million years old, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

"Knowledge" we can define as all the Universe, or a part of it, in conceptual form. The form of knowledge depends on the level of development of material culture of the times. See A History of the World in 100 objects

A remark on development of knowledge:

Often, we notice that an area of knowlede comes to a stanstill for a variety of reasons. For example, development of dialectics was blocked on the one hand by the immense authority of Hegel, and his very difficult language. On the other hand, it was blocked by specialization of knowledge, development of science. 

Whenever a form of knowledge comes to a stand still, becomes a dogma, the idea continues in another discipline, taking on a different name, approaching modern problems, using modern technology and methodology.

For example, the idea of unification of knowledge, systematization of knowledge, has appeared in different braches of knowledge, e.g. "tectology" of Alexander Bogdanov (1920's), "systems theory" (after World War II), universal on-line encyclopedia (Wikipedia, 2000's). With me, it is "Map of knowledge". 


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