It is a form of art using the medium of a sound. The word comes from Greek, meaning "the art of the Muses", i.e. an inspiration. Inspiration was considered to be a source of knowledge, just like reading, observation and experiments are in the present. So, "Music" is an inspired form of knowledge, preceding the scientific approach. It differs from other arts in that its medium is sound, or a system of sounds.

Certain kinds of music are associated with certain kinds of society. Hence, to study music alone is incorrect. Music is a part of culture which gave it birth. Hence, the study of music is, or leads to a study of a culture. 

Music comes from a certain harmony, or disharmony of the world. It also comes from the natural rhythms which we observe, such as the change of the seasons, of day and night, etc.

Music can come with a sound of a human voice, or without it. The original instrument appears to be a human voice. Music instruments are a later addition. 

Musical instruments illustrate the material culture of origin. For example, a drum is typical for the savages, a pipe for pastoral nations, string instruments for "classical" period, and electronic instruments for modern music. 

XII century:

Hildegard von Bingen, 1098-1179

XVII century:

Pachelbel , 1653-1706

XVIII century:

Alessandro Marcello , 1669-1747

Albinoni , 1671-1750

Antonio Vivaldi , 1678-1741

J.S. Bach , 1685-1750

Benedetto Marcello , 1686-1739

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , 1756-1792

XIX century:

Beethoven , 1770-1827

Schubert , 1791-1828

Chopin , 1810-1849

Lizst , 1811-1886

Saint-Saens , 1835-1921

Georges Bizet , 1838-1875

Tchaikovsky , 1840-1893

Grieg , 1843-1907

Francisco Tarrega , 1852-1909

Isaac Abeniz , 1860-1909

Claude Debussy , 1862-1918

XX century:

Pierre de Geyter , 1848-1932 (in XX century because of the music for "The International")

Samuel Barber , 1910-1981

Nino Rota , 1911-1979

Ennio Morricone , b.1928

Ernesto Cortazar , 1940-2003

XXI century:

Philip Glass, born 1937 (in XXI century because of the music for "The Hours", 2002 film). 

Estas Tonne, b. 1975

"El General ", b. 1988

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