Productive forces can be defined as objective and subjective elements which are combined in the process of production, in the course of which conditions of life are produced and reproduced, and human development takes place. Certain stages in development of productive forces roughly correspond to certain levels of organization of society. 

The principal productive force of modernity I see as "knowledge ".

General ideas on productive forces:

  1. An Essay on History and Some Present Aspects of the Productive Forces
  2. History of science, technology and knowledge in general (a draft)
  3. "Observations on the pursuit of knowledge by Leonardo da Vinci"
  4. Marquis de Condorcet, "Outlines of Historical View of the Progress of the Human Mind"
  5. Knowledge as a Productive Force. A Review of Philosophy of Alexander Fetisov. (in Russian here ). 

Forms of productive forces:

  1. Art
  2. Philosophy
  3. Science
  4. Technology
  5. Sexual revolution
  6. Education
  7. Forms of organization of human society


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