Rakovsky was an international revolutionary and a Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of Ukraine in 1919-1923.

In A Letter on “The Professional Dangers of Power”, 1928, he notes that if political power is taken in the name of proletariat, but the proletariat is not involved in the function of management, then a differentiation takes place: one section of proletariat becomes professional managers, and other silently executes what the former ordered. This is similar to what happens with the cells in a body: some specialize in functioning as a brain, and others as hands. Functional differentiation in a society leads to a social one, as those who govern set up privileges for themselves. A journalist of the times, Sosnovsky, called it "the automobile-harem factor". 

We believe that the process of specialization is necessary in a society in transition to industrial economy. Witness the testomony of Adam Smith in "The Wealth of Nations", when he discusses the production of needles, and how specialization of the workers increases the productivity of the process, in comparison to craftsmen who used to do the whole process.

However, already after World War II the role of the working class in the production started to decline. Today, the industrial working class is being replaced by robots in all spheres of life: from steering ships (autopilot) to cleaning houses. The role of people is in overseeing these machines, programming  them, creating them. 

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