Ed Hubble


An American astronomer who discovered the first galaxies outside the Milky Way.

He noticed that these galaxies are flying away from us, and hence his work is a pre-condition for the theory of Big Bang .

Hubble was quite a man, accomplished in many fields. Wikipedia writes:

"In his younger days, he was noted more for his athletic prowess than his intellectual abilities, although he did earn good grades in every subject except for spelling. Edwin was a gifted athlete playing baseball, football, basketball, and he ran track in both high school and college. He played a variety of positions on the basketball court from center to shooting guard. In fact Hubble
even led the University of Chicago's basketball team to their first conference title in 
1907.[8]He won seven first places and a third place in a single high school track and field meet in 1906."

First telescope in space is named after Edwin Hubble.

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