This in an overview of the 11-volume Encyclopedia of Jihad, or holy war, reputedly stolen from the headquarters of bin Laden’s fighters in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Book 1         Eight chapters with diagrams and                   How to disarm explosives; scientific theories;
Explosives     formulas to handle, manufactured and            industrial terror; the use of liquid explosives.
                    detonate explosives.

Book 2         Methods of first aid including the handling       Describes the handling of several medical
First aid        of psychological shock, the treatment of          needs including delivering a child.

                    burns and electrical shocks.                    

Book 3         Illustrated guide to the care and use of            Where to keep guns in the house and how
Pistols,         pistols, revolvers and specialized hand-            to use silencers.
revolvers      guns.

Book 4         Illustrated manual on grenades, bombs,           Recipes for mines made of raw materials;
Bombs,         mines, mine fields and mine war.                   How to pass through a mine field.

Book 5         How to spy; kinds of security; military            Punishment of spies, Muslim and non-Muslim;
Security        intelligence; sabotage; communications;           interrogation; analyzing information;
intelligence    security within Jihad; secret observation;         psychological war; poison use; opening locks;
                    assassination; brainwashing; protection            U.S. military training; assassination by riding
                    of leaders; laws of sabotage; arms use. 

Book 6         Principals of war including battle                     Muslims are urged to follow the Jihad,
Tactics         organization, reconnaissance,                          established in Afghanistan against un-Islamic
                    infiltration, ambush; elaboration                      states and stated where true Islam is not practiced.
                    on incursion.

Book 7         The book consists mostly of diagrams of         On the manufacture of bullets and silencers;
Weapons       machinery for the manufacture of arms.         metal casting; the use of steel files.

Book 8         The anatomy and history of tanks, their           Cost of maintenance of tanks; how to drive a tank.
Tanks           effectiveness and descriptions of different

Book 9         Physical fitness; ackedo and other forms          How to attack with knives, chairs; methods
Close            of self defense; how to overcome a rival.         of releasing oneself from a grip.

Book 10       Natural directions; using a compass;                This book looks at the estimation and measurement
Topography  topography; following directions on maps;        of distance, height, and speed for military use.
area survey   military area survey; area survey apparatus

Book 11       Use of small arms including antiaircraft            Reviews mostly Russian weapons; offers practical
Armament    arms, machine guns, rifles, antitank arms         details on the assembly, cleaning, and use of
                   and artillery.                                                  weapons.


source - Associated Press, October 2, 2001

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