DNA on black background

A part of DNA molecule, on a black background

Ammonite fossil

An ammonite fossil. Some other sea life forms also have a spiral shape.

Food prep - stirring

Stirring in a vortex-like fashion is the most common way of mixing 2 or more ingredients, or components (e.g. cement and water).


This is a maelstream, a powerful currrent off the coast of Norway. "Maelstream" has also been the image of the state of confusion, e.g. international affairs.


The shape of clouds, for example after a cyclone

Galaxy NGC 4414

Most galaxies, like this NGC 4414, have a spiral shape.

Inside Guggenheim Museum

Inside Guggenheim Art Museum in New York. Spiral shape of ascent or descent.

Punin pamyatnik iii internatsionala proyekt tatlina-6

Humanity is said to develop in a spiral fashion. This is a drawing for the monument to the Communist International, designed by Tatlin in 1919. Original description of the project is here:

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