the basic dynamic in personalized networks of influence, and is a central idea in Chinese society. In Western media, the pinyin romanization of this Chinese word is becoming more widely used instead of the two common translations—"connections" and "relationships"

guanxi can also form the basis of patron–client relations – блат

This is an evidence of corruption of the Chinese society.

China's modern power house

All have tried and failed to get justice in their home towns and villages. Coming to Beijing is their last hope.

Each morning they form a long snaking queue outside the petitions office.

They wait patiently for hours.

Finally when their turn comes, they hand their documents through a small window.

Time and time again these innocents from China's countryside will tell you that if only the central government gets to hear about their case, justice will be done.

Sadly they are wrong.

These people have no guanxi.

They are just part of China's seething mass. Their cases will not get heard. 

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