Goals: to be happy and healthy

Means: 1) exercise, 2) diet, 3) time in nature, 4) relationships, 5) recreation, 6) contributions and service to others.

Education oriented towards “making a living” vs. “making a life”

Ken Robinson: schools kill creativity. Creativity is more important than literacy.

(How they kill creativity? First, they kill play, games. Then, they kill “the whole”, e.g. cartoons).

Logan was pulled out of the school system at 9.

Goals of his education: 1) happy and healthy, 2) creativity, 3) technology and on-line resources, 4) experiential classes and camps. Altogether, that means “hacking school”, i.e. creating, inventing. No curriculum. No one approach.

School looks like “Starbucks”. There, he studies math, science, history and writing. Learned to love to write by obtaining a chance to write about one’s interests and experiences, instead of “butterflies” and “rainbows”.

Main ingredient is “motivation”

Learns physics through making things and experiments (engineering).

1 day/week – outside all day in Nature, skiing. Survival course. Make weapons, tools, sheds. Camp out.

Gets an internship – starts to work as a help boy, and enjoys that the most.

Skiing and education to him mean freedom. To be creative.

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