The International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) is a world-wide organization for systems sciences. The overall purpose of the ISSS is:

"to promote the development of conceptual frameworks based on general system theory, as well as their implementation in practice. It further seeks to encourage research and facilitate communication between and among scientists and professionals from various disciplines and professions at local, regional, national, and international levels."[1]

The society initiated in 1954 as Society for the Advancement of General Systems Theory started in 1955/56 as Society for General Systems Research, and became the first interdisciplinary and international co-operations in the field of systems theoryand systems science.[2] In 1988 it was renamed to the International Society for the Systems Sciences.

In mission of the society was formulated with the following four objectives:[4]

·                    to investigate the isomorphy of concepts, laws, and models in various fields, and to help in useful transfers from one field to another

·                    to encourage the development of adequate theoretical models in areas which lack them

·                    to eliminate the duplication of theoretical efforts in different fields

·                    to promote the unity of science through improving the communication among specialists.

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