Lennon yoko
(Listen to song “Love ”)

Lennon says love is a reality, not a fairy tale, and in fact, all that is reality is love.

And yes, love is a feeling, but a feeling of what? It is a feeling of itself, a feeling of the ultimate reality and answer.

Love is a desire for this feeling to be returned, to be mirrored back to its source.

Love is all physical actions that we do, such as touching. Through this action, we express our love, love manifests itself as reality.

Again, love is a supplication, asking to be loved back, for the feeling to reflect back on its source.

Love is the object of love, the couple participating in love. It is the ground on which all material being exists.

Love cannot be bought or sold; the essence of love is freedom, and freedom is another face of love.

Love is life in all its variety. Life and love are two words that mean the same thing.

Again: love is a need to be loved back, as one loves the other. Love, like hate, is self-replicating.

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