"System of Logic", part I

"System of Logic", part II

Gennady Kozak's notes:


To define, is to select from among all the properties of a thing, those which shall be understood to be designated and declared by its name; and the properties must be well known to us before we can be competent to determine which of them are fittest to be chosen for this purpose.

has defined Logic to be the Science, as well as the Art, of reasoning; meaning by the former term, the analysis of the mental process which takes place whenever we reason, and by the latter, the rules, grounded on that analysis, for conducting the process correctly.

Logic, then, comprises the science of reasoning, as well as an art, founded on that science. But the word Reasoning, again, like most other scientific terms in popular use, abounds in ambiguities. In one o£ its acceptations, it means syllogising; or the mode of inference

the Art of Thinking

The sole object of Logic is the guidance of one's own thoughts – in my view, logic is a codification of the entirety of knowledge of an epoch

Logic is “science of science”

Logic is the science of advancing from known truths to unknown, and as the known truths are different for every epoch, logic must advance with the epoch.

language is an instrument of thought, as well as a means of communicating our thoughts.

What is needed is to examine modern knowledge, not Mill’s logic.

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