Money makes the world go round….is a thought I abhor

True as it may be on a dozen different shores

From Jean Paul Gaultier to all the dollar stores

for a lot of us it seems money's got us on all fours

We bark when it says speak and let it tug our popped collars

lug thru every week while being drug thru debt galore

fillin out our lives like a fuckin order form

And this I'm sad to say's becoming more n more the norm

we can barely tell the difference between perfume…and chloroform

as we put our passions deep to sleep to be cool instead of warm

Is there any reason to think that there will ever be reform

as our imaginations shrink along with the depth of our own core

it’s like the soul’s the missing link as we are further than before

from the center, towards the brink of an endless civil war

One country fails, One country succeeds, and the prosperous ignore

the luscious garden’s full of weeds but there’s nothing to deplore

“as long as there’s a clean place for my feet and the poor don’t look…

too poor, then there’s not much else I need up on the 42nd floor”

Not that you should be ashamed of being successful…or a whore

it just doesn’t seem humane to suck the life out of every pore

of every person in every country for the profits that you HOARD

So you wanna know what I think of money

and the rich vs the poor

yeah you Got NO I-DEA What the fuck I got in store!

Whenever I look at the system I think there must be a glitch

most the world lives in a prison that was built by the rich

and the poor live with this mission as they stretch every stitch

to get on that golden bridge instead of livin in this ditch

but da whole world’s like a game that is fulla bait and switch

and I don’t know the system’s name but it really is a bitch

fulla pretty rocks that glisten and pleasures that make you itch

fulla ears that never listen and eyes that look bewitched

or bewildered by the isms that make everybody twitch

Capitalism….commercialism….consumerism, which

are the trains on which everybody’s lives are hitched

You might think it idealism you might even call it kitsch

but I do not see the wisdom in so many superrich

Faces buried in the bosoms that ‘re inflated by a switch …

throwin out buffets

while people starve for a sandwich

half a world away or in your city’s every niche

people sittin in soup kitchens

eatin up the CARTILAGE!

So ya wanna know what I thinka money …

and the poor vs the rich

yeah I’d drop another fuckin HOUSE on that GREEN WICKED WITCH!

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