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(x) The spies


Nikolai Kletochnikov

One of the dangers which a revolutionary organization has to face is infiltration by a spy or a provocateur. The principal means of struggle with this danger is organization of a system of counterintelligence. This organization should send its people in the state security apparatus, or recruit its own agents among the members of the state security apparatus. Among members of the party "Narodnaya Volya" one such agent working in the tsar's security apparatus ("Okhrana") was Nikolai Kletochnikov. He entered the service of Okhrana with the special goal of providing the revolutionaries the information which they needed.


ISIS stones a man to death on accusations of being a spy.

The fate of tsar's spies can be seen from the following: "On 5th March, 1879 in the hotel Milgren, in Moscow, a secret agent of Okhrana, Nikolai Reinstein, was found dead; to his dress the following note was attached: 'Nikolai Vasiliev Reinstein, a traitor, a spy, sentenced and executed by the Russian socialist-revolutionaries; death to the traitors!"

If the modern left movement is to be revolutionary, it should deal the same fate to the spies in its midst.

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