5 November - a void is discovered in the Great Pyramid

3 October, 2017 - 3 scientists win Nobel Physics Prize fordetecting gravitational waves

15 September, 2017 - Egyptian archeologists find a grave of a royal goldsmith 3500 years old

August 31, 2017 - space craft Cassini to disintegrate on Saturn Sept. 15

August 31 - Roman city of Neapolis found near Tunisia. A video of the same.

Radio bursts coming from a distant galaxy

August 28, 2017 - two ancient tombs found in Greece

August 25, 2017 - a new way to 3D print living tissues. Tiny robots to swim through our veins to deliver medicine. Two man-made nanoparticles interac. Nanofish to deliver drugs. 

August 24, 2017 - a possibility of life on Mars

At the bottom of the Indian Ocean there was a microcontinent

August 2, 2017 - an exoplanet is shown to have a stratosphere

4 July, 2017 - digital reconstruction of a Peruvian high priestess

May 2017 - drone provides images of lost Bolivian civilization

Monkeys and other animals have entered a Stone Age

Egyptian funerary boat found by Czech egyptologists

A double pendulum illustrating chaos theory


November - electric cars from Honda will charge in 15 minutes, for the distance of 240 km

Motorcycles to charge in 1 hour, for 358 km

How to make a hot glue gun, how to make a mini rocket

October - a race of solar-powered cars in Australia

HP will stop using "Windows Mobile", which means they will be using "Android".

With introduction of self-driving cars, robotics graduates are commanding a $200 thousand salaries.

Dream Chaser - similar to SpaceShipOne

Recharging robot submarines underwater

3 September - gene therapy for cancer for $475 thousand

10 breakthrough technologies for 2017

August 31 - China is a leader in solar power

August 29 - SpaceX has more rocket launches in 2017 than Russia

A new program from MIT teaches how to design a robot in 20 minutes, and then print it. More here

August 28 - students from different countries compete in Elon Musk's hyperloop

August 25 - in Japan current of the ocean is used to produce electricity (language: Rus.)

August 16 - for wind power, bigger is better

10 amazing Lego machines

3D printed graphene PLA to make a rechargable battery

3D printing a house with a circular 3D printer

Carbon fiber 3D printing.

3D printing blood vessels . Next will be more complex organs, such as liver.

Robot "Handle" from Boston Dynamics

Feb. 2017 - a 3D printed bridge , 40 ft long, Spain.

Robot serving coffee in San Francisco

Jan. 2017 - 3D printing a model of a yacht, cut into 4 parts to make it bigger

Jan. 2017 - all trains in Holland now run on wind-generated energy.

Sexual revolution:


A boxer in Congo

Female boxers in Congo

A girl in India kills herself because teacher shamed her over menstruation

A nudist zone in a park in Paris

Women dare to come into open with one open breast.

Body art performance in Belgrade , fall 2016. This openess is revolutionary!


Banksy opens up a hotel . He's become a commercial artist Human society:

Blue whale challenge - a suicide online game


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