Towards unification in mathematics: the Langlands programme.

Cows love and listen to music. A dogfalls asleep to music. 

It is possible that there werecontacts between ancient Greece and the First Emperor of China, circa 200 B.C.

Traditional skis in China

A dolphin repeats words after humans

Circumnavigation of Antarctica

A preview of things to come in 2018 - a NASA trip to Mars, and Heavy Falcon flying to ISS.

99 best things that happened in 2017


A 3D printer builds using 4 different techniques, which allows for wires to be printed  together with parts. 

MIT is developing a fusion kind of reactor which promises almost free electrical energy (Rus.)

Tesla starts buildingelectric trucks , which seem better than diesel

Solar farms, instead of coal, in China

Falcon Heavy rocket test - partially successful. Cost - 90 million dollars per launch, instead of 500, for NASA.

Chinese test a flying taxi

Robots replacing humans at many jobs

AI read better than humans, but lag in understanding


Most of the students in Yale need a psychologist

Problem with online education - sitting passively in front of a computer. Completion rate - 5-10%

Current state of MOOC's - vocational training, charging students for education. Interests need to be broadened, charges dropped off.

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