Format: meeting of several concerned parents about their 5-6 year kids, who next have to go to school.

Proposal: to create a new type of school, alternative to state schools, with their bureaucracy, and private schools, with their high tuition rates. (I can start by describing my last talk with Volodya Oshofsky)

Radical differences: 1) parents are the teachers, stress on self-education;

2) conflict resolution through meetings, similar to the ones at Summerhill School.

Initial subject must include:

1) physical development – physical games, activities such as biking, playing ball, swimming, fighting, etc.

2) Musical and artistic development – singing, dancing, drawing, etc.

3) Learning to read (later: write) – in Russian, English and Ukrainian.

4) Some basics of science – mathematics, biology, physics, astronomy, geography, etc.

5) Understanding of society and self – history, psychology

However, a child must have a freedom not to attend a lesson/activity, otherwise, s/he will grow to hate it.


1.       Parents want to prepare a child for an exam, equivalent to a state school

2.       Finding a location. Initial location for the kids’ meetings can be my apartment – I have a study room and a play room + a kitchen. However, if we expand, we’ll need to find another place, and probably pay for it. Ideal place would be outside of Kiev, in a country, where kids can run.

Children should attend clubs in parallel with school, share information on what everyone is doing at weekly meetings, e.g. on Friday/weekend.

If we agree to this program, then we should:

1.       Parents volunteer on the tasks which they want to organize, or subjects to teach. E.g. for the next meeting, on 14th April, I can find out information about other alternative schools in Kiev, and other places. Report on their experience.

2.       We should start meeting regularly (once in 2 weeks), to discuss our progress, or discuss issues dealing with teaching/education.


1.       Нет «предпосылок» к созданию новой школы. Надо не сносить а подправить.


2.       Социализация – в школе дети учатся решать свои проблемы, без родителей. Школа должна быть рядом с домом – кружки рядом. Настрой на позитив. Деньги.


Изучить вопрос альтернативных школ. Не мешать развитию. 
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