Salvador Dali NYWTS

Dali in 1960's with his cat


In this perverted world, it is fashionable to be "crazy", as to be "normal" is stupid, mediocre, and senile. So, Dali is imitating crazyness, even though he was perfectly sane, as is evidenced by his position on religion: towards the end of his life, he became very religious. And he had taste for lots of money...

" In his youth, he embraced both anarchism and communism, though his writings tell anecdotes of making radical political statements more to shock listeners than from any deep conviction... After his return to Catalonia post World War II, Dalí moved closer to the authoritarian regime of Francisco Franco. Some of Dalí's statements were supportive, congratulating Franco for his actions aimed "at clearing Spain of destructive forces".[104] Dalí, having returned to the Catholic faith and becoming increasingly religious as time went on, may have been referring to the Republican atrocities during the Spanish Civil War.[105][106] Dalí sent telegrams to Franco, praising him for signing death warrants for prisoners.[104] He even met Franco personally,[107] and painted a portrait of Franco's granddaughter.

His most prominent book is "Diary of a Genius".

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