Development of tools is what distinguishes one culture from another, and "gods" from "humans". I.e. "gods" are humans with vastly more developed tools and abilities, as shown in the science-fiction novel by brothers Strugatsky "Hard to Be a God".


An adult male chimpanzee standing bipedally while using a tool to dip for ants in the Goualougo Triangle, Congo

Periods in development of tools:

  • the Oldowan - 2.6 million years old
Oldowan tradition chopper

The Oldowan traditinal chopper

  • the Acheulian - 1.8 million years old - 150-120 thousand years ago
Mesa Verde spear and knife

A spear and knife 300,000 years old

  • Mousterian culture of Neanderthal men - 300,00 - 40,000 years old
Pointe levallois Beuzeville
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