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A Ukrainian left writer,

A. Manchuk

Andrey Manchuk, wrote two articles (in Russian), analyzing the success of "Svoboda" in the recent Ukrainian elections. The answer that he provides is that the success is mainly due to the absence of a left party in Ukraine. However, this answer must be qualified:

1. the left party A. Manchuk is talking about can not be "a Ukrainian" one, for the phenomenon of the success of the right forces is international. For example, on 4th November, 2012, the Russian nationalists have conducted their "Russian march" in Moscow, and in the process have beaten up a number of anti-fascists.

2. The left party can not be headed by Manchuk and Co., for they are splinters of the communist parties of the Soviet type.

3. There is no consensus among the left on the basic questions. Hence, they can not form a party. For creation of a consensus on the basic questions, a number of basic texts is needed, i.e. elements of a new theory, based on the revolutions and events of the XX and XXI centuries.

4. This party can not be legal, for it is not possible to struggle against the mafia now ruling the former "socialist" countries through elections. The mafia will kill, or imprison, a person who is a serious challenge to its rule. Examples of this we've seen in the deaths of 2 people who challenged the modern Russian mafia: Anna Politkovskaya and Alexander Litvinenko (they were both killed in 2006). Hence, it is necessary to struggle against the mafia in underground, and later through political revolution.

* * *

Let's say that a left-revolutionary party has not appeared in the former USSR because of:

1. splinters of the Stalinist parties,

2. lack of theory.

But why has it not appeared in other countries?

1. In the First world, there is imperialism, which means bribing the workers of the First world through transfer of value from the Third world, and now former "socialist" camp.

2. In the countries of the "Third world", the extreme Islamic parties form the principal obstacle.

And everywhere, there is the crisis of theory.

So, for a left party to appear, we must:

1. provide a new theory,

2. struggle against: a) modern Stalinism, and its consequences in the form of nationalist parties, in the former "socialist" camp; b) against imperialism, in the First world (just remember the wars in Afghanistan, in Iraq, the U.S. intrusion into Syria, the preparations for a war against Iran, etc.); c) against Islamism, in the Third World.

What "theory" are we talking about? Of course, this is a theory of Revolution. This consists of:

1. revolution in the production of things and ideas;

2. revolution in social relations;

3. revolution in the production and education of human beings.

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